Water District Continues to Target Local Journalist On Rate Hike Protest

LA HABRA HEIGHTS, CA – Despite receiving no objections from Los Angeles County election officials to have a table at the County’s polling place earlier this week, Stephen Blagden, a local journalist spearheading the protest of an upcoming La Habra Heights County Water District water rate increase, was questioned by a city official and targeted…



Atrocities Of War In The Age Of Mass Media

READING: LA Times’  ”US Troops Posed With Body Parts Of Afghan Bombers” OUR TAKE: The LA Times’ decision to publish photos of members of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division posing with the body parts of dead Afghan insurgents has met criticism from some of the nation’s highest ranking military and government officials. Military officials had…


As U.S. Announces Readiness To Enforce Sanctions, Questions Still Arise Over Existence Of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program

READING: New York Times’ “Obama Finds Oil In Markets Is Sufficient To Sideline Iran” OUR TAKE: President Obama today cleared the way towards imposing tougher sanctions on Iran.  After months of studies on world oil production and demand, it has been decided that the world can function without oil provided by Iran. Determination of oil…



Al-Shater And The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Political Dominance

Khairat Al-Shater made his bid to be Egypt’s next president official this Thursday by submitting candidacy papers at the Presidential Election Committee headquarters in Heliopolis. Thousands of youth rallied around Al-Shater and his family in a display of unity. They responded to accusations that a rift is growing within the upper echelons of the Egyptian…


Bahrain’s Stifled Spring

Over the course of the past year, peoples throughout the countries of the  Middle East and North Africa have risen up against repressive regimes to fight for democracy.  In each of the countries in which this “Arab Spring” has taken hold there has been widespread government crackdown.  In Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, this has led…


Syria’s Fractured Opposition

As events become more tumultuous in Syria,  questions must be posed as to who the driving forces behind the “rebellion” are.  What began as a people’s movement for democracy has become clouded by an array of  factions serving seemingly incompatible interests. The fracturing of the conflict ridden Syrian National Council (SNC)  is just the most…


Sunni And Shia, Conflicting Views

Following up on our tour of the various factions involved in Middle Eastern affairs, we take a look at the evolution of the Sunni and Shi’ite sects of Islam and the growth of the state of Islam. The fracture between the two sects dates back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet’s father-in-law…


Who Are The Alawites?

The Alawites have inhabited the coastal mountain area of Syria for more than a thousand years. For the majority of that time, they knew only persecution from the Sunni majority inhabiting Syria.  Alawites generally keep the tenets of their faith secret to outsiders, however their religious observances do not include the emphasis on prayer, pilgrimage,…


The “Arab Spring”

While originating from the same desire for freedom and democracy as other nations of the “Arab Spring”, the Syrian uprising has become a far more complex beast, of which the consequences spread far beyond the middle east region.  Heated debate has sprung between nations who long have been at odds,  straining efforts in diplomacy between…