Dear viewers,

We apologize for the recent less than timely uploads of the day before reports. Our usual editing software that makes the video internet ready normally automatically uploads the video to YouTube once it is complete. Lately, however, it has stopped doing it that. We upgraded the part of the editing software that takes care of that process and today we will find out if the new software will be able to upload on its own.

Aside from that, today’s video is running late because I left it rendering it and at midnight, tired after a long weekend (and a week long flu), I passed out. Since I do not have staff to help me, I have to do everything myself. That means I generally do all the camera work, all the sound work, all of the editing, writing, uploading, and more. It is rewarding work, but also exhausting at times when there is no one to help.

The video should hopefully be up by late afternoon. I am looking to upgrade my RAM so that the video preparation time will be shorter allowing for videos to be online sooner.

Thank you all for understanding and remaining so loyal to the show.

- Margot Paez.