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InsightOut News May Day Broadcast Schedule

We will be streaming to a various times throughout the May Day protest. Included in this schedule also is Margot Paez’s broadcasts for other networks both TV and radio. SCHEDULE (Pacific Time): 10am – Good morning broadcast to from unknown location 12pm – RNN TV’s Occupy Report Show from bank actions 1pm –…

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Atrocities Of War In The Age Of Mass Media

READING: LA Times’  ”US Troops Posed With Body Parts Of Afghan Bombers” OUR TAKE: The LA Times’ decision to publish photos of members of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division posing with the body parts of dead Afghan insurgents has met criticism from some of the nation’s highest ranking military and government officials. Military officials had…

Loyalty Oaths In The 21st Century: The Cold War Is Dead. Long Live The Cold War.

You are walking in the hallway of your job, the sun’s rays shine bright through the windows of the offices that line the walls and you adjust your tie as you make your way to your desk. Just then a co-worker calls your name and you find yourself behind a closed-door and a paper is…

How To Be A DIY Journalist Part 3 – Show Me Your Press Pass, Ma’am

So we took a bit of an unexpected hiatus in our plan to publish a weekly installment. Short story, I had to make some money and that means running around Los Angeles with a microphone and recording device of some sort, asking lots of questions and wishing I were taking the bus instead of driving…

Al-Shater And The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Political Dominance

Khairat Al-Shater made his bid to be Egypt’s next president official this Thursday by submitting candidacy papers at the Presidential Election Committee headquarters in Heliopolis. Thousands of youth rallied around Al-Shater and his family in a display of unity. They responded to accusations that a rift is growing within the upper echelons of the Egyptian…

Zombie Protesters March Through Los Angeles For Single Payer Healthcare

IO NEWS: Today is april 1st, and we’re here at Pershing square in downtown Los Angeles. You’re watching InsightOut news.
(thriller song plays)

IO NEWS: Protesters marched from Figaro and 8th over to Pershing Square this afternoon to call attention to single payer legislation here in southern California. The legislation is SB 810. It comes at a time when the Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments on both sides as to whether or not the legislation that was passed under President Obama is a constitutionally valid mandate which requires American citizens to have health insurance.
IO News: Why does single payer matter to the public?

DESA(single payer supporter): Because it’s the only affordable and practical and proven way to have a fair health care system. It’s practiced all over the world and it’s demonized here for no good reason, and we can’t let people lie about it.

NATE (single payer supporter): ‘Cause golly. What’s going on with this community? Things will keep going down and I’m talking about the American community, ok. It’s keep going down, and down and down and keep going up and up and up on the other side. I don’t understand it myself.

IO NEWS: Protesters were dressed as either zombies or patients. As they marched through the streets of downtown LA the zombies attacked the patients, this was supposed to be symbolic of the current situation here in the United States, where the protesters say that corporate greed is taking away money from patients unfairly.

JOSEPH (student nurse, zombie protester): The horrors that the corporate health care system reap on individual patients in our society, every day people go bankrupt, people lose their homes, people lose their retirement, savings, because they get sick. And this doesn’t happen in any other country. This happens in America because we have a health care system fueled by corporate greed, wallstreet profits are behind all of this. I came out here to shed some light on this and work towards a better system.

NANCY (physician, single payer supporter): There’s more and more insurance companies taking a bigger cut, doctors are being paid less, and i feel terrible when i have to drop patients and can’t afford to take care of everyone who needs it. It’s devastating families, they can’t get what they need, and we need to put the finger on exactly who’s causing this crisis; i’m really excited about this movement because it is going to be the answer, it is the answer for every other developing country, and they have better care than we do and that truth needs to get out.

IO NEWS: And who is responsible? You said you need to put the finger on who is responsible?

NANCY: Insurance companies, the middle people.

IO NEWS: Protesters held a small rally here at Pershing Square after the march where the zombies went through a tent and were cured of their desire to take money from patients. In the state of California alone there are 6.9M uninsured, and 62% of all bankruptcies in the United States are the result of high health care costs. This is Margot Paez reporting for InsightOut News. Good-bye.