NATO Summit Report for May 20, 2012
Several Thousand Demonstrate Against NATO Summit, Chicago Police Clash With Protesters
Protesters, possibly in the tens of thousands, marched from Grant Park to the site of the NATO Summit in Chicago on Sunday May 20 to protest NATO and its wars abroad. Many officers clashed with protesters, sending unknown numbers to the hospital, and arresting 45. Protesters marched peacefully despite minor altercations with Black Bloc mid-way through the march. Later in the evening, hundreds of occupiers marched through the streets of Chicago leading police on a wild goose chase.

Special interview with Jack of Occupy Wall Street, the protester who was run over by a CPD van the day before.

NATO Summit Report for May 19, 2012
Thousands Protest in Chicago on Eve of NATO Summit 2012
On the eve of the NATO Summit, thousands marched through Chicago to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home to protest the closing of city community health clinics. Activists gathered in front of the Mayor’s home for a short time before leaving to join a larger protest in Downtown Chicago. While the protest was peaceful with no arrests, reports allege that in the evening protest, activists were beaten and arrested, with one run over by a police van. More to come tomorrow.