Created in the fall of 2011, InsightOut News was founded by Margot Paez in order to fill a long existing void in journalism today. We are a grassroots news organization built upon the backs of volunteers and a vision that journalism is not entertainment nor a commodity. We investigate news that matters to the people. We do not answer to higher corporate power.

InsightOut News believes in the power of the internet as the new medium for transmitting information. Television and radio are highly controlled mediums, dominated by money. The internet is the 21st century’s greatest example of what freedom of speech and freedom of the press really means. We see the need for more internet specific news shows and hope to help pave the way for others to join in.

We do not believe in opinion news. Cable networks and radio shows have more than covered opinion news with their divide and conquer “commentary.” The news should not divide people along party lines, it should unite people around truth. We hope that our news reporting contributes a bit of unbiased truth to the discourse.

InsightOut News is funded by contributions by viewers like you. Please consider making a donation to our organization so that we may continue to bring you the true independent journalism you have long been searching for. Your search is over, it is here at Insight Out News.