How To Be A DIY Journalist Part 2: Equipment

Welcome to Part 2 of our special series on how to be a DIY Journalist! Last week we got a little cerebral, but today we get hands on. Can You See Me Now? Last week I mentioned you should have a smartphone. Let’s get a little more into that. You can no longer get by…

How To Be A DIY Journalist Part 1: The Essentials

Welcome to our new series, How To Be a DIY Journalist. This series is inspired by my recent workshop at the Los Angeles Media Summit, where I spoke about how I covered the Occupy Los Angeles encampment at City Hall (also known as Solidarity Park). The Basics The most important quality of a journalist is…

Welcome to the New InsightOut News!

InsightOut News is in a continual flux of change and improvement. If we do not change, we can never grow.

Welcome to the next stage of honest reporting. We are expanding our coverage to include not just video reporting, but print and audio, too.