“Unfocused meaningless ‘activism’” is worse than apathy? Hardly.

An Op-ed in the International Business Times written by Palash R. Ghosh and published online this morning chastises the protesters as doing nothing more than inconveniencing daily workers’ route to Wall Street, workers, he writes, who have nothing to do with “corporate greed.” Ghosh goes on to question the effectiveness of having celebrities, who are…

The Nation covers Occupy Wall Street Criticizes NYTimes Coverage

Over the weekend, my inbox exploded with angry messages from people who had just read this New York Times article (though it reads more like an op-ed) about the Occupy Wall Street protest. Ginia Bellafante gives a devastating account of the event’s attendees, depicting them as scatterbrained, sometimes borderline-psychotic transients. Read more at The Nation: http://www.thenation.com/blog/163626/correcting-abysmal-new-york-times-coverage-occupy-wall-street?rel=emailNation