InsightOut News is in a continual flux of change and improvement. If we do not change, we can never grow.

Welcome to the next stage of honest reporting. We are expanding our coverage to include not just video reporting, but print and audio, too.

We have created two blogs. One that will include general updates regarding IONews, as well as other important pieces of truth that could be related to national or international news. We call this section Daily Insights, as both a play on our moniker, but also to draw a connection between the intelligence term. Insights in intelligence talk are pieces of information gathered from sources that are not out in the open. Some are not always so credible, others are. We hope to provide credible insights that you won’t find elsewhere.

We call our second blog, Middle East Reports. IONews has been doing a lot of research on conflicts in the Middle East ever since we began to notice an escalation in rhetoric calling for attacks on Iran. Look for more information there.

Lastly, we will be launching a new weekly series called The Stratfor Files. This will be our first ever audio podcast where we will highlight important information discovered in the leaked Stratfor emails. Wikileaks, with the help of hacktivists, have close to a thousand emails.

These are exciting times for IONews. Thank you for sticking with us. We just launched some very high-tech coding, so if you notice any bugs, please email us at news(at)insightoutnews(dot)org.