While originating from the same desire for freedom and democracy as other nations of the “Arab Spring”, the Syrian uprising has become a far more complex beast, of which the consequences spread far beyond the middle east region.  Heated debate has sprung between nations who long have been at odds,  straining efforts in diplomacy between regions and reopening old rivalries.

News  media outlets have seemingly forgotten objective journalism, and have allowed themselves to be co-opted by both the Syrian regime and the opposition groups.  The desire for factual accounting of events has been replaced with bloodthirsty propagandizing.

From the “green rooms” of Al Jazeera’s Arab Spring to the claims by state sponsored media of a manufactured civil war,  we will analyze events, and the factions behind  them with a non-partial eye, and attempt to create a clear picture of the stories as they unfold.  We will begin with an overview of  the different sects involved in both sides of the Syrian conflict.