The United States has a long history of interfering with the politics of other countries to protect US interests and at the expense of democracy and human rights. The history of US meddling is well documented and expands beyond the more well-known CIA escapades in Latin America.

The Middle East is an important area of the world because it holds the majority of oil reserves. It is ripe with natural resources. Therefore, the history of the Middle East has been about conquest and control of resources for one power or another. Many foreign countries have failed to successfully control the Middle East people. Yet, we continue to see foreign powers trying again and again.

We at IONews will attempt to show the big picture. We hope to contextualize the violence and struggle we are seeing in the Middle East so that we may all gain a better understanding about how geopolitics works in the region. There are many players in this story, but there are patterns, too, and many reoccurring themes.

Our goal is to point out the distortions and lies, show the underlying motives, and ultimately to find the truth.