Occupy LA Protesters March In Response to Occupy Oakland Arrests

On Sunday, protesters hoping to address the Saturday night mass arrests in Oakland, CA, marched to the Rampart Police Station from MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. Anywhere from 300-400 Occupy Oakland protesters were arrested following an attempt by members to turn an abandoned building into a community center.

Chaplain Evicted From Home; Occupiers Come To Her Support

A 63-year-old chaplain of Southern California was forcibly evicted from her home on Thursday morning when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s forced her door open and removed all inside, including a dozen or so occupiers who had spent the night inside, defending the home.

Thousands Of Occupiers March During 123rd Rose Parade, Call Themselves The People’s Parade

Close to 5 thousand protesters from across California showed up to the Rose Parade to march in the occupier’s People Parade. The protesters were mostly greeted by spectators with a few disapproving of their presence in the parade. Cindy Sheehan headlined the protest as the People’s Grand Marshall. No one was arrested.

Hundreds Temporarily Shutdown Access to Port of Long Beach

On Monday morning, around 500 protesters gathered in the early morning at the Port of Long Beach to block traffic in and out of SSA Marine, a shipping company partly owned by Wall Street investment firm, Goldman Sachs, joining in solidarity with protesters up and down the West Coast.